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Dec 28, 2013 Diet (system) "Minus 60" was developed by the author of the bestselling weight loss Catherine Mirimanova. She tried it for yourself, at the same .The Minus 60 system is a well-known food system, authored by journalist Ekaterina Mirimanova. By setting her goal to lose weight after childbirth, she dropped .Catherine Diet Mirimanova minus 60 - grobo meni za en dan in en teden, pregledi Diet Minus 60 je neodvisno razvili in testirali Catherine Mirimanova, da leto in pol z maso 120 kg je uspelo doseči rezultat - 60 kg, brez zatekanja k kirurških metodah.

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The essence of the diet of Catherine Mirimanova minus 60 can be defined by these words: treat yourself with love, do not make tragedy of excess body weight, but step by step, follow the adoption of healthy habits to get rid of unwanted pounds.5 -, 89836 .System (or diet) "Minus 60" was developed by Ekaterina Mirimanova (she is rather popular in Russia). She tried it for herself, at the same time she has lost weight.

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Catherine Diet Mirimanova minus 60 - grubu meni za jedan dan i jednu sedmicu, recenzije Dijeta Minus 60 je samostalno razvijen i testiran od strane Catherine Mirimanova da godinu i pol sa težinom od 120 kg bio je u stanju da postigne rezultat - 60 kg, bez pribjegavanja hirurške metode.Екатерина Мириманова. Система минус 60. Диеты. Похудение. Похудеть.Ekaterina Mirimanova is a writer who isalso the author of a very popular system of losing weight "minus 60". This name of the diet is quite justified - Catherine managed to get rid of 60 extra pounds in 1.5 years, without having to give up her favorite products and take special medications.

Place to meet up with Catherine Mirimanova, author of the popular "System of Minus 60", I chose a long time. And here reminded me quiet Kamergersky lane with cafe "Prime Time", where, though the food is fast food, but extremely healthy and correct.Diet Mirimanova minus 60 - is not a way to quickly get rid of excess weight in a short period of time, is the introduction of healthy foods in the daily diet for the long term. Catherine Mirimanova study recommends eat small meals, replacing the favorite, but "harmful" products useful analogy.Ekaterina Mirimanova – the writer who is also the author of system of weight loss very popular now "minus 60". The similar name of a diet quite justified – Ekaterina was succeeded to get rid for 1,5 years of 60 extra kilos, thus it was not necessary to refuse favourite products and to accept special preparations.